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Watch on-demand: Using the public cloud to accelerate deployment and increase agility

Platform diversity and the rush to deliver new features are increasing the pressure on testing and development, but many enterprises lack the infrastructure to respond. Provisioning bottlenecks and limited on-premise assets create a resource crunch for Development and QA. In turn, application quality and timelines can suffer, and developers often build “Shadow IT” dev-test environments outside of company-approved resources.

By moving dev-test off-site, businesses can embrace the efficiencies of the public cloud to deploy scalable development environments quickly, decrease time-to-market, and remove IT roadblocks. This session will explore the drivers of Shadow IT dev-test practices and examine the key benefits, risks, and considerations of moving development and QA to the cloud.

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Learn about such topics as:
  • What are the current bottlenecks with application development, testing, and deployment?
  • Have “Shadow IT” dev-test efforts complicated the development process, and what can we learn from them?
  • What are the security and cost considerations of cloud-based dev-test?
  • How does cloud-based dev-test integrate with popular development methodologies and tools?
  • Which types of applications are the best candidates for cloud-based dev-test?
  • How should you choose a dev-test cloud partner?


Cormac Foster

Research Director
GigaOM Research

Jo Maitland
Research Director
Cloud GigaOM Research

Ryan Shriver
Managing Consultant
Dominion Digital and GigaOM Research Analyst

Blake Yeager
Director of Product Management
HP Cloud Services

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